Handcrafted Soaps & Sundries Since 2003

When I was growing up, Mom's old-fashioned lye soap was an ever present fixture in our home. I'm telling you, it was a sight and a smell to behold! Mom made soap in the tradition of farm wives who had moved to the city. She used reclaimed bacon grease. This was the creative solution to not living on the farm anymore and having access to homeraised hog fat to render for lard. Mom reserved her soap for stubborn laundry stains. Her soap wasn't fancy, in fact, it even smelled bad due to little bits of rancid bacon, but boy, could it clean!

Soap making is my passion and my joy... my special creative outlet. Thank you for reading my story. Be sure and try my handcrafted soap and you'll never go back to store-bought again.

Today, I sell my soap directly to customers, through wholesale accounts and at arts & craft shows. I enjoy participating in living history events and public speaking and demonstrating the craft.

Soap making is so much a part of my life that I sell soap, write and sell soap making books and I also lead a Texas-based soapmakers group, Lone Star Soap & Toiletries. You could say I am pretty crazy about the craft, and I am. I believe that God gives us things in life to enjoy, and I certainly enjoy soap making.

Soap making in my family dates back four generations. All of my foremothers before me made soap simply for practical, household purposes. Their soap wasn't fancy, usually was left unscented and it was used for hand washing, bathing, washing hair, clothes, dishes ... everything! I think that all the soap makers of yesteryear would really be impressed if they could see what soap making has become. No longer made just for practical purposes, modern soap making today is literally an art form with soap made with a whole variety of different oils, scents, colorants and additives. This ain't your Grandmother's soap, and we have come a long way, Baby! 


My Story

Soap making is my passion, my creative outlet, the craft that I so greatly enjoy. I have been consistently making soap for over 14 years, but I was first introduced to handcrafted soap by my mom, Thelma Borg.